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Before you get to the download area, I have a one-time-only, special offer for you that I've never made available before. This one time only, I want to give you the opportunity to upgrade to WP Empire Builder Deluxe:

Time left on this deal:

"Devastatingly powerful plugin clones entire WordPress sites in less than 20 seconds, including ALL their content, plugins, themes AND settings...

Get ready to attract the Lion's share of your market, even if you haven't much spare time...

clone sites

WP Empire Builder Deluxe is the "big brother" of WP Empire Builder.

It can do everything WP Empire Builder does, PLUS it can clone entire sites in your network in seconds.

And when I say "clone" I do mean "clone."

EVERYTHING will be copied:





yesPlugins (including their settings)

yesThemes (including their settings)



clone site

2 ways WP Empire Builder Deluxe will save you heaps of time and make you more money:

1 - Create the perfect template:

perfect site templateCreate a child site WITHOUT any content in it. Use the EXACT settings you want in your plugins. Customize your active theme to look exactly as you like. Use the exact site settings you want (permalinks, reading and writing settings etc).

Make it "the perfect template."

THEN, every time you want to launch a new WordPress site, CLONE that perfect child site. BOOM! You can create a site ready to add content to in seconds. This will save you enormous amounts of time.

2 - Tag-team the competition in the SERPs (Used right now by sneaky SEOs):

Create a child site with the exact site settings you want. Add content to it. Then, clone that site.

tag teaming carsThen you can promote these two (or more) sites in different ways. For example,you can buy links from one place for site 1 and links from another place for site 2.

Several of the top SEO specialists are doing this as we speak.

And this is one occasion where "duplicate content" will not harm you, but HELP you. Here's why: You essentially create two versions of a website, promote them in different ways and let them "fight it out."

For "keyword 1" the first site may rank higher. For "keyword 2" the second site may rank higher. In Both cases people will land on a site you OWN.

It's like when two race cars that are on the SAME team, work together so one of them will finish first. They are essentially "tag teaming the competition."

You can create unlimited such clones in minutes. You can essentially "clone the clones."

Forget the slow, complicated and outdated "cloning" plugins:

WP Empire Builder Deluxe does this in a very DIFFERENT way than traditional "cloning plugins."

You know the ones I mean. They create these huge .zip files that you need to download, and then you need to upload them again to your server.

Instead, you can now do this in SECONDS right from your screen.

The old way: Server green arrow Your PC green arrow Server
The new way: Server green arrow Server    

This will work great even if you have a slow connection, because you don't need to get "involved" in the cloning process!

Get ready to leave your competition in the dust:

The retail price of WP Empire Builder Deluxe is $97 for the Domination version and $197 for the Enterprise version.

However, since you already purchased the standard version of WP Empire Builder, you will not have to pay full price for WP Empire Builder Deluxe. You will get access to it just by paying the difference, and you will get a discount even on that.

To faster profits,

George "The Greek Geek" Katsoudas.

No Thanks. I prefer to recreate all the content, plugin settings, theme settings, and site settings of an existing site by hand. I'm ok with missing out on this crucial, one-time only opportunity to launch even more sites faster than ever before. I'll pass on this offer.

WP Empire Builder DELUXE UpgradeWP Empire Builder DELUXE Upgrade - ENTERPRISE