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What is WP Empire Builder?

WP Empire Builder is the world's FASTEST way to launch WordPress sites.

sonic car smallEveryone hates the boring WordPress set up process.

The plugin turns a normal WordPress site into a customized, souped-up version of WordPress Multisite with one click.

This allows your clients to run unlimited WordPress sites (even on separate domains), from the same WordPress installation, without installing and activating plugins and themes again and again.

Your clients will be able to pump out sites faster than ever before, and focus on what they want: growing their business and making money.

Top-gun marketers who have supported recent launches of ours:

Martin Crumlish

Martin "icun" Crumlish

Walter Bayliss

Walter Bayliss

Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce

Mike Lantz

Mike Lantz

Barbara Ling

Barbara Ling

Andy Fletcher

Andy Fletcher

bertus engelbrecht

Bertus Engelbrecht

Cliff Carrigan

Cliff Carrigan

Matt Garrett

Matt Garrett

Cindy Battye

Cindy Battye

Ryan Stevenson

Ryan Stevenson

Edwin Boiten

Edwin Boiten

Mike Mckay

Mike McKay

Reed Floren

Reed Floren

ankur shukla

Ankur Shukla

Kevin Byrne

Kevin Byrne

sam England

Sam England

andrew hunter

Andrew Hunter


Get ready to make a buttload of commissions:

gotta do it manThe ad copy was written by Malcolm "The Copy Nazi" Lambe. He's written #1 Clickbank launches in the "Make money online" niche.

He has written copy for high-profile millionaire marketers like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Greg Jacobs, George "Google Sniper" Brown, Jamie Lewis, and Adeel Chowdury.

Btw, he threatened to abandon ship THREE times... because I was stubborn and stuck in my "old ways" of writing copy. I was editing his copy at will, which made him furious. I finally realized how much I was screwing up the process and decided to get out of the way, and let the pro work his magic.

Bottom line: This salespage has been created to convert visitors to buyers, and make you more money.

Offer funnel: Price: Commissions:
F/E - WP Empire Builder Domination license: $27 60%
F/E - WP Empire Builder Enterprise license: $39 60%
OTO1a: WP Empire Builder Deluxe Domination License $19 50%
OTO1b: WP Empire Builder Deluxe Enterprise License $29 50%
OTO2a: 1-Minute WP Launcher Personal License $19 50%
OTO2b: 1-Minute WP Launcher Developer License $29 50%

You'll get approved for the entire funnel.

$1,000+ up for grabs:

jv contest

1st place: $300

2nd place: $250

3rd place: $200

4th place: $150

5th place: $100

6th place: $75

7th place: $50

The JV contest will end at MIDNIGHT, SUNDAY, January 25th.

Contest ended. The winners are:

1st place: Simple Spencer and Ankur Shukla - $300

2nd place: Ankur Shukla and Eric Nelson - $250

3rd place: Han Fan - $200

4th place: Ryan Stevenson - $150

5th place: Edwin Boiten and Mike McKay - $100

6th place: Coolice - $75

7th place: Shane Paxton - $50


How to win the JV contest:

1) Do a video review of WP Empire Builder: In case you haven't tried this before, video reviews will generate as much as 3 times the sales of simple text. Video is here to stay.

2) Offer a limited bonus. For example: "If you are one of the first 18 people who buy through the link in this email, you will also receive bonus XYZ."

3) Email more than once. You can use use a different subject line each time. If you send HTML emails, your autoresponder system may also allow you to email the unopens (just in case you are concerned that some of your subscribers will see the same email twice).

Bonuses you can give to your people, for buying through your link:

Bonus 1: WordPress Basics Video Course. $77 Value:

WordPress basics videosNew to WordPress? No problem! Discover how to install WordPress with a few clicks, how to upload plugins, how to add posts and pages, how to add pictures and videos, how to use widgets, how to set up themes, how to use menus, and how to set up a basic WordPress site. This 60-minute video training course will have you using WordPress like a pro in no time.

Download link:


Bonus 2: SEO and traffic secrets for WordPress. $97 Value:

SEO and Trafic secrets for WordPressHow to get more traffic than 90+% of your competitors. Discover the power of keyword research, what free plugins to use to make optimization a cakewalk, how to create optimized posts, how to engage your site visitors, how to harness the power of social networks, and more. 21 videos total.

Download link:


You can link directly to the bonus files on my server.

Or, you can download them to your computer and upload them to your server.

You can even download or link to this ready-made bonus page:


You bet your butt I reciprocate:

If you have a high-quality offer that fits my growing list of subscribers and clients, I'll be glad to mail out for you.

Here are a few quick examples of past offers I have promoted:



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